About us

CTech is a women-owned and operated agency that specialize in technology and consulting solutions. 


We are a Chicago based company, but our communities are global. Diversity and the flexibility within a remote working world gives everyone greater flexibility and productivity, which is a significant advantage for our clients.


We understand because we listen, and we use that understanding to coordinate talent to client solutions. We see the trends in the tech industry and help our clients see them too. Our team works first hand in technology and with our strong soft-skills we have earned a network like none other.


Provide skilled personnel through in depth understanding of the client’s needs while providing a competitive price to performance level.


CTech has a guiding principle of providing talent that is recognized first hand. The candidates CTech provides are closely vetted by our network of not only just recruiters but also professionals working first hand in the tech industry. We only recommend candidates we would want to work with ourselves.


What Our customers say about us

Working with CTech was a joy.

I was able to talk to them on a deeper level, and they answered all my concerns. No question seemed trivial to them. I really felt like they had my back.


Sara - Director of Product Strategy

CTech spent the time to find the right professionals who go the extra mile. They seem to find people that do their best while helping others. 


Katie - HR Director

CTech made for a smooth interview process.

Their candidates were better than 10 other firms I worked with.

They sent us great people not just great resumes.


Emily - Ecommerce Manager